Cotton v/s Poly

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Every material has its set of pros and cons and while some are known for their strength, some others are popular for their affordability. 

  In this article we’ll be taking a detailed dekko at a couple of popular options for uniforms – 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and mix PolyCotton fabrics. So don’t go anywhere; we’re going to give you a tell-all guide on the advantages and disadvantages of each.


 One of the main decisions while ordering uniforms for your staff is selecting the correct fabric. Contingent upon the business and labour that your staff do, you might find that a specific sort of cloth bodes better than other varieties.

Irrespective of the colour or style you pick, you’d need your workforce to feel confident in their uniforms and eventually ready to carry out their responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.


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Furthermore, in the event that you’ve been pondering about which fabric to choose, how and when to begin with a uniform rental service, and how much it’s going to cost, may we propose you sit down to chat with our uniform pros – They’ll be sure to give you an answer ideal for your needs.


 Below, we’ll give you a low-down on the two most popular fabrics that most businesses prefer to use for their company uniforms-


 Cotton is a fine material, and it no doubt, is also the most breathable. That is the reason it is so regularly utilized for shirts and trousers, regardless of the season. 

  Its virtues are many-

 – It is naturally equipped for retaining dampness and drying fast, which implies that it very well may help the wearer feel cooler if there is a presence of sweat. 

  – Cotton is an incredible material if you’re considering coloured uniforms especially because the fabric catches colours well and can make uniforms look classy and well put together. 

The cons-

 – Unfortunately, cotton fabrics tend to shrink besides which continued washing and drying will impact the quality of the material. 

  – Additionally, an excessive amount of contact in the sun will accelerate the colours to become lighter over time. 

  – Even though it doesn’t keep going as long as polyester does, it is an environmentally friendly material. That implies, over the long haul, cotton is much better for the environment than polyester is.


 Polyester is a durable, lab-engineered cloth. It’s for the most part plastic, and can even be produced using reused plastic containers. It’s a strong material that can withstand a ton of mileage and nothing much will happen to it. 

  The pros-

 – Polyester isn’t a moisture retentive material and so it dries off quickly. In contrast to cotton, polyester is impervious to creases & wrinkles and can hold down colours well without lightening, even over time. 

  – It’s a great alternative for individuals who have physically strenuous occupations; however, the wearer may perspire more in polyester than in cotton. 

  The cons-

 – The disadvantage of polyester fabric is that it isn’t an environmentally friendly material and not as breathable as cotton. 

 – Polyester fabrics tend to be coarser than cotton.

Poly-Cotton Mix 

The marriage of half cotton and half polyester, aka, the poly-cotton mix fabric is the choice of cloth when you want the comfort of cotton and the affordability of polyester.

A popular choice for many of SFATEC’s customers, the poly-cotton mix fabric is most popular for uniforms when you have a stylistic uniform design in mind.

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