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Food Industry Uniform

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If you run a food-based industry, you know that irrespective of the plant type you have, the importance of your staff wearing the correct uniform can be a make or break situation for your business. 

 Hygiene in the Food industry 

Sterile uniforms are a must and an undeniable need in the food industry. To avoid cross-defilement or cross-contaminations, the employees must wear protective uniforms, headcovers, and footwear to enable them to work securely and safely. 

  Just as important as the safety of the employees, the nature of the food industry demands that the external pieces of clothing being worn ARE appropriate to the activity being done at the food plant. This is done so that the food does not get polluted/ contaminated directly, through any of the food bundling materials or via any of the touchpoint work areas.

  Below we enlist the points to consider when ordering food handling uniforms, what things to wear and where you can get them…

Sanitation, Sterility, Safety – The Sacrosanct triad

 As the business owner of a food-based industry, you know that preparing your workers with the correct sort of food-handling uniforms is basic to keeping the business alive and kicking. 

  Being fastidious about keeping a ready stock of sterile, protective attire for the employees is the single most critical aspect of averting cross-contamination disasters. Besides, falling short of sterile, protective uniforms, even if for just one worker, can cause unthinkable problems to leave alone the issue of setting off disruptions in the manufacturing and assembly line. 

  Having said that, it’s vital that your uniform rental service follows compliance norms to the T and ensures that laundered uniform deliveries are always on time, every time.

 At SFATEC, we ensure your staff always has a ready stockpile of compliant food industry uniforms that wear well, are crisply laundered, sanitized clean, and consistently delivered right on schedule.

Uniforms for the Food Processing industry

 Food processing uniforms are intended for cleanliness, pristine sanitation, sterility, and safety. They are intended to shield the staff from the equipment and hazardous materials (if any) as well as keeping themselves clean, sans any forms of pathogens and contaminants when dealing with food.

This is why food processing uniforms are a tad different from other industry uniforms.

No loose ends:

 The articles of clothing for this industry should just have pockets beneath the midriff and clasps aren’t prescribed except if important, to keep any loose articles from accidentally tumbling into the food or getting trapped anywhere in the manufacturing and assembly line. Rather metal fasteners with strong pulls or Velcro are better options to go with.

SFATEC’s food processing uniforms comprise of taut, well-fit lines that never have trailing ends, buttons or clasps that could turn into potential dangers for the staff at any point. Additionally, the fabrics used to make these uniforms are sturdy materials since they will be washed and cleaned routinely – and now and again need fixes.

Fabric type is key:

 Uniforms for this industry should never, ever be fabricated from materials that are inclined to coming loose or falling to pieces. Engineered textures are superior choices as compared to fleece or cotton.

Flexibility is paramount:

 Food processing uniforms ought to comprise of pants that are produced using long-lasting, solid, respirable fabrics with solid colors that are not prone to fading, running or staining. 

  This way, food safety won’t be an issue and your staff will be protected from cross-pollution. Additionally, they will be able to work easily and efficiency at the plant isn’t affected.

Sanitation Guidelines & Food Safety benchmarks – Check

 As is known, the food handling industry in India has extremely rigorous security guidelines to follow and additionally, it is thought that these guidelines will be notched up even more on account of newer sanitation procedures. 

  Indeed, in the past some brands have had to recall food items from racks, thereby seriously impacting their image value and setting them back by a few million dollars. 

  In this narrative, it is evident that even the slightest chance of cross-contamination via unclean uniforms can and do pose a big risk to the business. And this is also why a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based workwear service is the answer to all your needs!

  Adhering to the DIN 10524 Standard concerning the development of Fabric and New products, SFATEC guarantees food processing uniforms that are compliant with International Food Safety requirement benchmarks.

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