clean room


Clean rooms are an essential part of the Pharmaceutical ,Bio tech & Micro electronics industries.

At Sfatec we can supply garments meeting to the clean room standards of class 100-1000, Surface Resistivity 2.2 X 106.

We can supply the clean room garments under our full service Workwear rental model with necessary disinfection specially formulated for the clean room hygiene environment.

We can supply clean room garments ready for sterilization. Our customers handle the sterilization part themselves wherever such requirements arise.

Fully Information Technology Enabled Workwear Service


Our full service model runs on latest European Workwear service IT platform which completely monitors every stage of service cycle & guarantees our customers with a trouble free operation. We can give you reports of the service usage by your employees to high levels of accuracy as every piece of work wear & delivery process is fully monitored by advanced Data Matrix technology.

Call us & we will be more than glad to discuss the more suitable Workwear program for your business !

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