Automotive Uniforms in Chennai


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Automotive Uniforms in Chennai


Today the world has become one market place for global auto makers without any boundaries .This situation has made the industry highly competitive and volatile with respect to competitor’s defensive strategies to retain customers & market shares. On the other side companies also have to comply with very stringent emission norms, process and product safety regulations.

Under these demanding situations which are bound to intensify, protecting & nurturing your intrinsic company image, brand image and human value will become very vital whether it may be at your paint shop, assembly line or your Show rooms & Workshops operated by your dealers.

The industry being already capital intensive and management having so many issues to deal with at a global level managing your employee Workwear program from the point of view of Occupational safety, image & hygiene should not be an additional burden for you.

SFA RENTAL Work Wear solution makes your job a lot easier by helping you create a cleaner, safer workplace and present a unified image that will build your business in the eyes of customers and employees alike. Our personalized work wear service and in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry enables us to act with speed & clarity so that the safety, image & hygiene of your workforce is always guaranteed leaving your executive management team ample time to focus on their core functions .

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry due to its technological nature is the industry sector where there is presently more variety of work hazards. For this reason, in each case it requires a specific protective clothing meeting to required PPE standards which is properly laundered & disinfected because there are uncountable operations. Among them are foundry operations to manufacture the main structural components of a vehicle, cutting and welding operations involved in assembly, installation of highly sensitive electronic components, paint and bodywork processes and other processes where employees have to wear well maintained protective clothing complying to respective safety standards for molten metal protection pro (ISO 11612), welding protection (ISO 11611), Antistatic protection (EN 61340), protection against Heat & flame (ISO 11612) and other such risks.

Considering the growing occupational safety regulations no company can ignore these in their production process. SFATEC rental Workwear service with several years of experience guides you in selecting the right protective clothing solution for every area of your manufacturing process. What more you want when your corporate image & hygiene is also taken care of always in addition to the desired safety through our high tech laundry process & uncompromised service delivered to your door step.

Apart from Protective clothing we also supply Workwear items like shirts, pants, bib trousers & work coats under our Full service model. So this relieves you of the entire burden of Workwear program management & respective maintenance for your employees whatever may be their job nature.

Automotive Uniforms in Chennai

Automotive Sales & Service-dealer Network

How many occasions we have heard of high quality products presented to customers in inappropriate ways leading to Sales loss & even losing existing customers in the face of competition.

Today the market is driven by customer experience from the moment he walks into your Dealers Sales Showroom, interacts with Sales Staff and visits their workshop & service team. So creating the first right impression in the prospects mind is going to make you win in the market place. So there will be no second chance when it comes to dressing up the Sales, Service & workshop team in the Dealer locations with the right image.

Your Dealers Sales &Service Workshop team image& impression adds to your intrinsic product quality & technical superiority, service commitment over your competition which will build customer loyalty for life.

We can supply you Service & Sales Workwear matching& exceeding the international auto industry trends. Further under our full service model all your problems of inventory management, fitting new employees, laundering & repairing, storage & logistics and a lot more are automatically taken care of saving your valuable administrative time & giving you absolute peace of mind.

Fully Information Technology Enabled Workwear Service

Automotive Uniforms in Chennai
Automotive Uniforms in Chennai

Our full service model runs on latest European Workwear service IT platform which completely monitors every stage of service cycle & guarantees our customers with a trouble free operation. We can give you reports of the service usage by your employees to high levels of accuracy as every piece of work wear & delivery process is fully monitored by advanced Data Matrix technology.

Call us & we will be more than glad to discuss the more suitable Workwear program for your business !

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