Pharmaceutical Workwear


Enhancing your Hazard Management efforts
through CGMP based Service


Across the globe the Pharmaceutical industry is going through very tough regulatory frame work with respect to production & sale of Safe drugs at the market place. At numerous occasions we could hear about regulatory bodies like FDA taking strict actions against companies producing drugs where the hygiene standards are not being maintained. Looking into the future it is very obvious that manufacturers of drugs cannot take any chance with respect to their process hygiene.

With very demanding, ever increasing work place& process hygiene requirements the cleanliness of your staff is your frontline against dirt, germs and contaminations .In this respect the Pharmaceutical industry Work uniform design & Workwear maintenance meeting to required hygiene levels on a daily basis will be a daunting task for the companies.

SFATEC rental comes to your rescue under such situations with its comprehensive Workwear rental service program. With our Full package Workwear rental service, you’ll always have fresh, smart, hygienic uniforms at your business doorstep without any exceptions.

Pharmaceutical Workwear

Specific Pharma Industry Workwear

Our entire Pharma Industry Workwear items had been tried & tested by actual users at different Pharma processing locations of our customers.

We follow the DIN 10524 Standard with respect to development of Fabric and New products whereby you are assured of Workwear that is at par with International Drug Safety requirement standards.

This relieves you of the entire burden of designing and purchasing the right Workwear products for your employees without compensating on the process safety requirements as well.

CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practise) in our Laundry & Service Centre

Pharmaceutical Workwear
  • 80% and more green cover (Trees and Plantation) around laundry guaranteeing pollution free processing.
  • Absolutely stable concrete building with pure white Endura Industrial flooring for improved Hygiene.
  • Fully treated water for processing and laundry waste water treated using advanced cross flow separator system and used for land scapping.
  • Machinery and equipment layouts as per European Standards, Eco friendly gas based heating system.
  • Guaranteed disinfection through auto dosing technology and microprocessor based temperature, wash process control.
  • Routine and preventive maintenance for washer, dryer, heat sealer, data matrix printer, water treatment equipments.
  • MSDS based training for employees in laundry.
  • Strict cleanliness standards maintained concerning to floors, walls, ceiling and process equipments.
  • All our employees comply with the comprehensive personal hygiene program for the company. New employees are given necessary induction and training in the area of personal hygiene.
  • Well maintained toilets and wash rooms located separately from the main process area.
  • Usage of PPE’s like gloves, masks, head covers and other items to enhance internal process hygiene.

Hazard Management & Control

Our total Workwear rental service system operates based on a carefully articulated Hazard management based operations and service module.

Potential hazards that can arise at every stage of the employee Workwear management have been carefully analyzed and required level of critical controls have been formulated and enforced.

Pharmaceutical Workwear
  • Special and separate laundry bags for soil and clean garments.
  • Safe steel locker storage system for both Workwear dispensing and soil garment collections. These lockers are cleaned regularly by service team.
  • Closed Workwear transportation truck which follow strict maintenance and hygiene standards.
  • Separate carts and plastic tubs for soil garments and washed Workwear.
  • Disposable gloves used in handling soil and washed Workwear.
  • Hot washing process with specialty chemicals for required duration guarantees disinfection and major reduction in microbial counts.
  • High temperature drying provides additional layer of antimicrobial protection to the Workwear.
  • Mats and storage racks at laundry & service centre cleaned regularly.
  • Effective pest control program inside laundry and delivery process minimize hazards.
  • Regular staff training (related to Drug Safety) in laundry operation, delivery process and at customer location for safe Workwear usage, storage and collection to prevent any form of cross contamination.
  • Effective foreign materials (Wood, glass, metals, strings, tapes, plastics, paper) elimination and monitoring policy for enhanced Drug Safety.
  • Workwear processed through set steps of quality inspection system.
  • Waste management system guarantees quick segregation of waste from process and operation thereby storing at separate location.

Time bound internal audit guaranteeing the effectiveness of the total Hazard management based Workwear rental service system.

Third Party Audit support through advanced information technology based workwear service management

Pharmaceutical Workwear
Pharmaceutical Workwear
  • All the customer Workwear items are under the 100% surveillance of our Advanced European IT based Workwear service management solution.
  • Customers can get pin-point and accurate information on most aspects of their Workwear rental service program.
  • Supports documents with respect to customers third party audit requirements.
  • Restores and builds confidence on customers staff and process hygiene to third party auditors.
  • Our Data-matrix Workwear identification based technology can provide any information related to even one employee and any single Workwear item.

Through our above CGMP based Workwear rental service your peace of mind is guaranteed when it comes to Workwear management for your employees.

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