At the outset, taking the extra effort for appointing a uniform rental service may appear to be a hassle – purchasing uniforms for the restaurant’s staff seems like a much better idea. After all, with a uniform rental service, you’ll not only have to pay rent week after week whereas, with a set of purchased uniforms, you simply have to pay once and never need to stress over the cost again.

But stress you will!

When it comes to purchasing uniforms, what seems like a great idea, to begin with, can become a costly affair in the long run, especially for those who belong to the food delivery and restaurant business. Want to know how?

Below, we tell you how a uniform rental service economizes workwear attire for your staff –

Substitutions and fixes are highly economical

Let’s face it – Attritions are an ongoing part and parcel of every business and the food delivery & restaurant business are no different. For every worker that leaves, you’re not only going to have to deal with the old (and used) set of uniforms but also go about purchasing a new set of uniforms for the newly recruited staff. 

Not only is purchasing, resizing and maintaining of uniforms a frightfully expensive affair, getting new uniforms in the CORRECT SIZE each time your staff changes can become a dreadfully time-consuming problem to manage time and again. 

Furthermore, uniforms in the food delivery and restaurant business are prone to grease marks, blotches, and wear & tear on a day to day basis. 

With a uniform rental service, these kinds of issues don’t need a second thought.

 At SFATEC, we replenish your restaurant’s uniform stock with the most perfectly cleaned, ironed and immaculately maintained uniforms that will assuredly be of the right size for your staff. 

Do away with the need to invest in modern washing gear

Let’s say you decide to purchase uniforms for restaurant’s staff and plan on washing the uniforms in-house, alongside the other paraphernalia like table covers, serviettes, and kitchen linen, you’ll have no choice but to buy costly washing gear that will not only be effective in dealing with the stains but also hardy enough to handle the enormous washing quantities. 

Not only will this require a considerable amount of dedicated investment it will likewise take up a decent measure of room in your office. Additionally, you will have to delegate someone exclusively with the job responsibility of washing, repairing, laundering, and ironing of uniforms on a day to day basis. 

Presentability isn’t second priority– it’s the first 

 When you lease your uniforms from a professional uniform rental service, you get immaculately laundered uniforms that have been expertly washed and maintained delivered right at the doorstep of the restaurant, week after week. 

  This means you won’t need to rely upon your workers to keep their outfits looking great or take the headache of making them look fresh, day after day, all by yourself. 

  Rather, you entrust this responsibility upon an organization whose whole business and reputation is staked on ensuring that your restaurant’s representatives have spotless and flawless uniforms to wear, week after week.

As clean as can be

It is no secret that many-a-renowned restaurants have had to shut shop over contamination-related issues. With a uniform rental service, you can avoid the risk altogether! 

  As you already know, inappropriately laundered uniforms can be home to risky microorganisms and microbes that can easily transfer and contaminate the food, equipment and work area in your café. A small overlook in the disinfection process and the uniforms can turn into potential carriers of dangerous contaminants.

  With a uniform rental service, not only will the uniforms be disinfected in high temperatures utilizing the best antiseptic chemicals but also genuinely freed of every hazardous substance and micro organism thereby guaranteeing optimum hygiene.

One-stop shop for all your uniform rental needs 

SFATEC has been the numero uno uniform rental service for a great number of restaurants all over India and to date; we have supplied customized uniforms to a host of food delivery and restaurant businesses spanning the length and breadth of the country. 

Want to begin with a uniform rental service? Have a special request regarding your uniforms? Call our specialists, they’ll be glad to help!

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