In any business transaction, numerous aspects need to fall into place before an amicable and fruitful working relationship can become a reality.

  One of these aspects is that of disagreement management. 

  Though healthy differences are normal and an expected part of any business transaction, be it between you and your customers or your vendors and you, disagreements usually take place when people or businesses don’t address their issues.  


 In a business association, disagreements are unavoidable, especially when there is a contrasting opinion on an objective or when there is a complete absence of mutually agreeable targets.

In any case, regardless of the disagreement, what’s important to note is that conflicts can be limited and even settled WHEN they are appropriately managed. 

 By building up an unmistakable articulation of a mutually agreeable target, you synergize everyone involved in the work that has to be done. Furthermore, as a means of avoiding flashpoints in the future, making a clear deliverable checklist that has been signed off by both parties, can act as a deterrent for probable conflicts and additionally help with efficient vendor management.


Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive uniform vendor management checklist that will help you and your vendor to come at a mutual consensus during a disagreement and avoid probable conflicts in the future-


To determine the issue with the uniform vendor, begin by ‘’identifying’’ the issue. Once you’ve come to the exact problem, discuss it out with the uniform vendor face to face. 

 Talk about the issue openly and give both sides a patient listening ear. 

 Spell out your problem in as many words; hear out the uniform vendor’s side carefully to understand the subtleties you may not have previously known and take time to understand both yours and the vendor’s perspective. 

Concerning specific issues such as neglected pick-up/drop-off schedules, improperly laundered uniforms or unresponsive customer service, accumulate data from your workers to confirm the extent of the issues, and point out the problem in explicit terms along with sharing of specific data with the uniform vendor. 

 At SFATEC, we have the distinction of being the first uniforms rental service specialists in India and as such, have put into place a seamless uniform rental service. We are fastidious about our profession-appropriate laundering protocol, be it the clockwork collection of soiled clothes, to undertaking repair work, or following certified practices of disinfection and ironing, we have implemented an A-Z uniform rental service that leaves no room for complaint.

 Ironing out the creases

If you’re consistently being disappointed by your uniform vendor, one approach to know whether they’re serious about their job is by identifying the frequency of their uniform damage & repair schedule. 

 If there is an above-normal need for uniform fixes, resizing or re-stitching, it means the uniform quality supplied to you is sub-standard. It’s additionally likely that the uniform vendor has not given you the right uniform suited for your profession. 

 By providing uniforms that have poor fabric quality, your workers will be forced to wear uniforms that can’t endure the demands of the job. Worse, if the uniform vendor is not able to deal with stains in time, your business will begin to appear disreputable too.

 Red flag the above-mentioned issues immediately with your uniform vendor, and attempt to resolve the debates productively. If the uniform vendor is not able to solve the issues, end the agreement or draw in an outsider who can assist you with settling your complaints.

Trust the trusted uniform rental service

At SFATEC, we have delivered thousands of uniforms specific to the demands of our client’s occupation and over time, have fulfilled their needs of durability or self-protection, anti-static or flame resistance for their company uniforms.

With a client-driven company culture, SFATEC has enabled its pan-India clients to attain maximum efficiency for their staff and concurrently achieve a homogenous looking work environment by way of delivering high-quality, branded uniforms.

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