Work shirts are an indispensable element of any uniform rental service. Not only functional, uniform work shirts that have been emblazoned with the company logo work to mirror the brand image, vision, philosophy and make for an organized looking workforce. When the staff or company representative’s name is embroidered over the shirt pocket, a work shirt achieves a great uniform look. 

SFATEC’s work shirts are made with the newest texture mixes that are practical, look classy, are easy to clean and offer a more relaxed sense of comfort to the wearer. Our work shirts are built to last, ensure sartorial cohesiveness, and guarantee ease-of-wear for the wearer. 

 Work shirts that enable the staff to achieve more

 It is no secret that uniforms make for an inexorably proficient workplace as employees work interference-free without the niggling distractions of Friday dressing or business casual attire. Moreover, the added advantage of uniform work shirts is that when they are paired with smart trousers they not only become a simple to wear uniforms, but they also score high on the all-important comfort factor.

SFATEC’s work uniforms and work shirts are ideal for those professions where employees are on their feet throughout the day and therefore, need a uniform that offers complete motility. 

Additionally, manufactured using cotton or cotton/polyester mix fabrics textures that ensure breathability, our work shirts comprise of highlights such as detailed styling with discreet cuts, vents on the side panels, side-seam slits for maximum comfort. 

  Newer versions of SFATEC’s work shirts also include upgraded subtleties like premium joined collars, bibs or flaps, and creases for a free-flowing airy feel. Appropriate for a cross-section of different workplaces, SFATEC’S work shirts comprise of additional sturdiness where extra durability of uniforms is required.

  Standard variants of SFATEC’s work shirts come with one chest pocket with pen insert, ring snaps for trouble-free performance and front plackets with a double stitch. Usually available in half sleeved variants, SFATEC customizes work shirts as per customers’ brand colors, styles or other corporate specifications. 

 Why your company needs work shirts

 Regardless of whether you need an essential, basic kind of work shirt or a customized one, rest assured SFATEC’s work shirts are constructed with care and precision so that they can withstand extreme wear & tear and yet lend the wearer comfort all day.  

 Work shirts from SFATEC  look great, are functional and ideal for any occupation or industry type.

Helps to get into the groove

Other than the fact that wearing the correct work shirt gets the staff mentally prepared for their day at work, being in a uniform ensures that they are psychologically and physically engaged in fulfilling the demands of the job. 

  Additionally, the simple act of putting on the uniform and buttoning up the work shirt sets them up to put on a good show at the office and helps them get it into the groove of being productive and accounting for some form of achievement in the workday. 

  It has been observed that when staff isn’t dressed in a company-issued uniform, they tend to be lazy about their job duties.

Getting a move ahead with a uniform rental service

 SFATEC has implemented a uniform rental service wherein companies can lease or rent uniforms, protective attire and an assortment of different kinds of workwear – and that’s just the beginning. 

  SFATEC has a uniform rental plan that is made-to-suit your pricing structure. What’s more, with our nation-wide service capabilities, we can deliver the entirety of your uniform requirements, regardless of what size your organization is or where your offices are.

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