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Guide to designing and implementing the perfect workwear for manufacturing and processing industries

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Industrial workwear has become an essential part of many manufacturing and processing industries within the nation and worldwide. Especially for companies that deal with food manufacturing and processing, pharmaceutical processing, automotive manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, cleanroom facilities, and even in research and development facilities, workwear has become a necessity to protect employees from job hazards. Workwear in such companies needs to follow required safety regulations. Apart from adhering to industrial norms and providing safety to employees, industrial workwear with the right design can provide a unique brand identity.

Workwear can play a critical role in customer relationships and in creating a company identity. When done right, employee uniforms can exponentially increase brand value and add a sense of loyalty among customers. Here are 5 steps to designing the perfect workwear for manufacturing and processing industries-

Step 1: Know workplace requirements

Every industry has different requirements. For example, cleanroom facilities would require employee uniforms that have anti-static and lint-free properties.
It is necessary to base the workwear on industry requirements and safety norms that have been issued for the concerned industry. Some examples of safety regulations include-
1. The industrial workwear worn by the staff of the food processing industry and pharmaceutical processing industry needs to follow the DIN 10524 Standard with respect to the development of Fabric and New products.
2. For ESD prevention within an EPA (Electrostatic discharge protected area) in the electronic manufacturing industry, employees should wear the right ESD protective clothing meeting to standards of EN 1149-1/EN 1149-3 with conductive filaments on garments in addition to conducting wrist straps and foot-straps.

The first step is to find out the requirements and norms of the industry and make sure that the chosen workwear performs well in the concerned workplace. The main purpose of workwear should be to protect employees from workplace injuries and hazards and ensure process and product safety.

Step 2: Find out employee preferences

Most companies conduct surveys within their organization to find out the views of their employees when implementing new workwear or updating old safety uniforms. Employees who have been wearing workwear may be able to point out challenges they are facing with their current workwear or may even be able to share new ideas for the new workwear.

This step is crucial as the newly designed or updated workwear is going to be ultimately worn by the employees. They need to enjoy their uniform and be comfortable when using them. Workwear should fit each employee well, be breathable and comfortable, and should make them look good. When designing workwear, it is important to make sure that the employee can move around easily wearing it, or else this could affect their work and could further cause harm to employees too.

Step 3: Brand it right

The next step is to brand the workwear. An effective and easy way to brand an employee uniform is to add a logo or an emblem. The logos can either be printed onto the protective garment or they can be embroidered onto it. Most companies prefer to embroider the logos onto their workwear as it is a more durable option.

Sfatec workwear rental service company provides optional emblem solutions to all the workwear that they provide. Visit the page to know more about this.

Step 4: Find a good uniform supplier

Once the administration team of the company knows what kind of uniform they are looking for and what specific requirements they would be needing, the next step is to decide whether to go for a rental uniform supplier who can supply the workwear and also take care of its maintenance or look for a workwear supplier who can supply the uniforms and the maintenance of every workwear can be done in-house. Most companies opt for a good uniform rental service provider who can provide them with high-quality protective garments that adhere to the given safety standards and who are also responsible for the maintenance of each uniform based on the requirements.

It is essential to find a safety workwear supplier who has a good reputation and who understands the company’s needs.

Step 5: Implement the workwear 

This is the final and most important step. All concerned employees must be made aware of the workwear implementation program and should be trained properly to wear the workwear in the right manner to get the best protection and avoid injuries, contamination, etc. while working. They should also be trained to handle soiled workwear to avoid any cross-contamination. Also while implementing the workwear, the rental uniform supplier needs to make sure that each workwear fits the employee perfectly by conducting on-site trials. The employee uniform should not be too loose or too tight. Loose garments may harm the wearer while working and tight-fitting uniforms can restrict blood flow in the wearer and may also affect their ease of movement.

How can the Sfatec rental workwear service company help?

Sfatec workwear rental service company provides high-quality workwear for the food manufacturing and processing industry, pharmaceutical processing industry, electronic manufacturing industry, automotive manufacturing industry, cleanroom facilities, and research and development facilities. All their workwear meets the required safety regulations according to the industry. Learn more about the various workwear provided by Sfatec for the different industries that they cater to.

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