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Guide to effectively incorporating emblems on employee uniforms

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Work uniforms have become a necessity in most industries to provide product and process safety. While these qualities of a work uniform are crucial for growing a business and gaining loyal customers, the competition has increased these days and companies are trying to look different and portray themselves uniquely. Emblems on employee uniforms are a small and powerful addition. Most manufacturing and processing industries are incorporating emblems on their workwear in an attempt to stand out from their competitors. However, some of them fail to achieve the desired impact amongst consumers. This happens mostly because the companies fail to understand the benefits of emblems on uniforms which leads them to make ill decisions in important aspects when incorporating the emblems. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits and the important aspects that need to be considered while adding emblems to protective garments.

Benefits of incorporating emblems

Let us first understand the benefits of incorporating emblems on industrial uniforms-


Branding plays a significant role in building the company’s reputation and making the business a success. The workwear worn by a company’s employees promotes the brand value of the company. While work uniforms can help in branding a company, a simple emblem can take branding to a whole new level. Emblems are one of the easiest ways to create a unique brand identity and enhance the brand value.

Professional look

Employees in a company need to look unique and professional for a business to attract more customers. Emblems on employee uniforms add a sense of professionalism to the protective garments and make them more appealing to customers.

Identifying employees

Consumers need to be able to identify the employees of the company easily. In manufacturing and processing industries, cleanroom facilities, and research and development facilities where work uniforms are extremely common, an emblem representing the company can help the customer locate the required staff without trouble.

Team unity and integrity

A united team will be more productive. While protective garments provide safety, emblems on industrial uniforms are capable of making a team look professional and building unity and trust among the team members.

Boosts employee morale

Emblems on workwear give confidence to the wearer and generally boost employee morale. It instills a sense of pride within employees and encourages them to work better. The staff in such industries are more productive.

Things to consider when incorporating emblems

Now that we know the benefits of emblems on work uniforms, it will help us make the right decisions on the following points that need to be considered when incorporating them.

What are the opinions of the employees?

Since the uniforms are to be worn by the employees, the administration team of the company needs to get the ideas and opinions of the concerned employees. To increase loyalty and teamwork among the employees and to motivate them to be more productive in their job, the employees should be able to voice their ideas and thoughts to their management. Meetings, surveys, and polls can be conducted to understand the opinions of the employees.

Where to place the emblem on the uniform?

The next step is to decide the placement of the emblem on the workwear. The emblem should be placed where it grabs the attention of potential clients.

How to make the emblem more durable?

In the automobile manufacturing industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical processing industry, electronic manufacturing industry, cleanroom facilities, research and development facilities, and other manufacturing and processing industries, workwear needs to be more durable and should be able to sustain heavy wear and tear. Intense laundry is required to maintain the quality of these industrial uniforms. In such scenarios, even the emblem on these uniforms is expected to be extremely durable. Embroidered emblems with quality threads need to be used when incorporating emblems on these work uniforms.

How to incorporate it?

Some companies may prefer to purchase their protective garments from safety clothing manufacturers or uniform suppliers and add emblems of their choice on them. However, the durability of such emblems needs to be ensured. Also, adding emblems on new work uniforms for new employees can sometimes be an issue when purchasing employee uniforms. This is not the case with uniform rental companies. Many reputed workwear rental companies offer optional emblem solutions to the workwear provided by them. This can be a huge advantage for businesses when implementing a uniform program as the uniform service company will ensure that they provide workwear with quality and durable emblems as per the requirements. Rental uniform service companies will also be able to provide new work uniforms with the required emblem for new employees under their program.

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