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Importance of anti-static workwear in the electronic manufacturing industry

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Static electricity and electrostatic discharge or ESD are not something to be normally concerned about. However, in the electronic manufacturing industry, this is a major concern if not controlled properly. ESD in the electronic manufacturing industry can cause damage to electronic components and further cause them to fail.
Since humans generate static, the employees in electronic manufacturing industries need to wear anti-static work uniforms. These uniforms are specially made to counter ESD in such industries.

Why is ESD an issue in the electronic manufacturing industry?

Static build-up in these industries cannot be completely avoided since it is caused by various materials. Human skin and hair cause a large amount of static build-up. Even in controlled environments, static electricity can be a problem as they cause contamination. Static charge can pass from one person to another and can even spread onto the surroundings. As already mentioned, electrostatic discharge can interfere with the process and cause the failure of sensitive electronic components, especially microchips. This could damage the company’s reputation and fixing such repairs could cause the company lots of dollars. Every electronic manufacturing industry should anticipate such circumstances and provide the best quality anti-static clothing to every concerned employee. They should also be well trained to wear it for any job which involves static electricity.

How do anti-static employee uniforms help to control ESD?

Anti-static industrial uniforms are made with special fibers that create protection or a shield around the wearer. This shield avoids electrostatic discharge to be generated and prevents ESD to affect any product that is being processed in such facilities. This creates a safe environment for the employee to work in and also ensures that all the products are processed without any such issues.

When trying to implement an employee uniform program in a company, the administration team decides to either purchase the garment and handle the maintenance in-house or opt for a rental uniform service provider to manage and maintain their workwear needs. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many wholesale workwear suppliers and manufacturers who are supplying ESD clothing without proper quality certification. When choosing a supplier or rental workwear service provider, it is crucial to opt for a company that provides certification. A reliable safety wear supplier can provide the best quality anti-static industrial worker uniforms and also help to reduce the potential damage in electronic manufacturing industries. A good rental uniform service company will additionally provide better maintenance of the work uniform. Choosing a good uniform rental company is a must for these industries to have a trouble-free experience.

What are the various anti-static work uniforms available at Sfatec?

Sfatec workwear rental service company is one of the top 10 workwear brands in the nation that provides quality and effective anti-static rental uniforms for electronic manufacturing industries. Having been in the business for many years, all the professionals at Sfatec are well-trained and have good knowledge to guide their clients in the best way possible. For the electronic manufacturing industry, Sfatec provides the following workwear under their uniform rental program-

Wielder anti-static coat (long and short)

These have concealed front snap buttons and sleeve cuffs with full elastic. These aspects provide process safety. For added safety, the coats come with no pockets. The long coat is knee-length and the short coat is mid-thigh length.

Anti-static trouser

The trousers are designed for men and women. They come with no pockets and a full elastic waistband.

Anti-static coverall with hood and booties

Sfatec’s anti-static coveralls are designed for both men and women. They come with concealed front zipper closing and sleeve cuff with full elastic. This provides extra safety. The coveralls come with a hood that is attached to the uniform and with separate booties and mask. For added safety, they do not have pockets.

The wielder anti-static coats, anti-static trousers, and the anti-static coveralls provided by Sfatec are made of polyester carbon anti-static fabric and the fabric is tested for Clean room standard class 100-1000, Surface Resistivity 2.2 x 10⁶.

All anti-static workwear provided by Sfatec is monitored at every stage of the service cycle. Sfatec has proved to be a reliable partner to many electronic manufacturing industries in the nation. They can supply workwear that will have both flame-resistant & ESD control properties simultaneously for very demanding situations. Learn more about the different work uniforms provided by Sfatec for the electronic manufacturing industry in detail.

Anti-static work uniforms need to be checked and evaluated time and again to ensure that the quality of the protective garment does not decrease. They should be maintained properly so that the life of the garment can be preserved. Reputed rental uniform service companies such as Sfatec ensure that all anti-static work uniforms will be maintained according to the required quality regulations as per international standards and also replace the work uniforms if required.


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