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Responsibilities of an employee while wearing PPE

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The use of personal protective equipment or PPE in processing and manufacturing industries, cleanroom facilities, etc. is crucial as it provides safety to employees from various job hazards. Every employee working in such industries needs to be given appropriate training to use their PPE properly. Before we get into the responsibilities of the employees while wearing PPE, let us first understand why is it necessary to wear personal protective equipment properly-

What is the importance of wearing PPE properly?

The two main goals for an employee to wear protective gear in manufacturing and processing industries or cleanroom facilities are-
1. To make sure they are protected from any contamination that can occur while doing their job.
2. To ensure hygiene and cleanliness while performing their duties.

To emphasize the importance of PPE, here are some examples.
1. A food industry uniform is essential in the food processing industry because sometimes handling certain food items without an appropriate industrial worker uniform can affect the health of the employee.
2. In a cleanroom facility, there are good chances that germs from the wearer’s hands can pass onto the product surface and cause contamination. Imagine if this happened in the pharmaceutical processing industry. This could severely harm consumers and the processing company could be facing lawsuits that would lead to a loss of millions of dollars and it can also majorly damage their reputation.

In such scenarios, wearing PPE or protective garments correctly is crucial. Depending on the industry and its requirements, the employer must provide industrial worker uniforms to their employees. There are various forms of protection- eye protection, body protection, hearing protection, etc. As an employee, it is necessary to understand the importance of PPE or work uniforms and wear it properly. A wrong fit should be immediately addressed and corrected. Sometimes the task at hand may not require a lot of time so the employee may hastily wear their work uniforms. This can be disastrous and can lead to serious harm to the employee, their surroundings, their co-workers, and the consumers. Instructions and training for wearing PPE should be taken seriously by all employees and employers.

What are the responsibilities of employees when wearing their PPE?

Now that we have understood the importance of wearing work uniforms and following the protocol while wearing them, let us look are the four major responsibilities of employees who are required to wear protective garments.

Ensuring the right fit of the work uniform

Loose-fitting work uniforms can lead to risks such as contamination or the spread of germs. Tight-fitting work uniforms can lead to strained movement while working and employees will not be able to move around easily in their workspace. Very tight uniforms can also lead to serious health issues as they restrict blood flow. Ill-fitting work uniforms can compromise employee and process safety. All employees must make sure their PPE fits them perfectly, according to their weight, height, comfort, etc. If there are any corrections required, it is the responsibility of the employee to report it to the administration team of their company, who can thereafter ensure that the uniform is adjusted accordingly.

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Follow instructions

As already mentioned, all employees must be given appropriate instructions and training to make sure they wear their PPE in the right manner.

Report damages

A basic inspection of a new work uniform must be done by the employee as soon as they receive it. If there are any flaws or damages in their new uniform, it needs to be reported and fixed. Also, if there is any tear in the uniform while using it, the employee must inform the respective person and get it fixed or replaced. Any loss of PPE should also be reported.

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Return it without fail

All employees must understand that they should not take up the maintenance and laundry of their work uniform upon themselves unless they have been trained and authorized to do so. They must return it to the designated person and leave the maintenance and laundry of their protective garments to the experts and trained personnel.

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While implementing a workwear program in a company, the administration team must ensure that the employees have understood the importance of wearing work uniforms. They must make sure that employees follow all instructions and are trained to wear their PPE accurately.

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