Would you say that you are 100% happy with your present uniform rental company? Are your problems, if any, resolved with a simple phone call? Are they giving you the after-sales-service they promised they would?

As an entrepreneur, you have the right to ask questions and demand answers for any problems associated with your uniform rental service. And if you find that your current uniform rental company is giving you sleepless nights, maybe it’s time you simplified your Uniform Rental process once and for all!

Below, we give you step by step instructions on how you can simplify your uniform rental process and resolve your workwear uniform service, cost, and customization related grievances.

Employ a Straight and Simple process

As a business owner, it’s natural for you to be occupied with your business and so, the last thing you want is an additional headache in the form of an inadequate, inefficient uniform rental service. Besides, the purpose of employing a uniform rental service in the first place was to ease some of your workplace woes, wasn’t it?

As a frontrunner in the uniform rental business in Chennai, we have built a substantial repertoire of clients who appreciate the experience we bring to the table. Furthermore, it is very likely that one in every three businesses are already utilizing our services. 

While we work with an assortment of small-medium-large sized business houses and supply customized workwear uniforms for various verticals and businesses spanning India, we are quick on our feet when it comes to delivery timelines, customer service, and dynamic pricing structure.

Here are two ways you’ll stand to benefit with the SFATEC advantage-


  1. Quality – Above all else

 An experienced uniform rental organization that has been around long enough knows that consistency, customer service, cost, and customization are the cornerstones of a successful business.

 Consistency & Customer Service –

 At SFATEC, we have consistently delivered only the highest quality of uniforms – our customers will readily vouch for the durability and finesse of our uniforms AND likewise for the individualized, personal assistance we provide at every stage of the transaction.

Cost & Customization –

At SFATEC, we have never backed away from pursuing an aggressive and dynamic pricing structure – And we never will!

We run a business too and so we know and understand that you, as a business owner, have certain pricing guidelines to adhere to. Rest assured we will try to leave no stone unturned in ensuring our workwear uniforms fall under your pricing guidelines.

As regards to cost, SFATEC’s team works tirelessly to make certain that your workwear uniforms live up to your expectations, are up to your brand standards and do complete justice to the price you’re paying for them.

With respect to customisation, rest assured uniforms from SFATEC NEVER suffer from malfunctions such as missing pockets or buttons, faulty branding and wrong placement of insignia or worse, dirty & previously used garments. We consider good word-of-mouth to be our best advertisement!


You need to be sure that you are choosing the right uniform rental organization, isn’t it? So why waste time and money with a company that has yet to prove its prowess?!

SFATEC has the unique distinction of being the first workwear rental service company in India. Additionally, we have worked with a great number of associations, many of whom may have a business similar to yours. It is more than likely that we will have workwear uniform options that fit the bill perfectly for you and your business needs.

Besides, regardless of whether your prerequisite is upgrading of employee confidence, cleanliness, security, or branding, SFATEC rental has the ideal answer for every one of your needs.

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