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Making Sure Your Healthcare Uniform is Clean

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In the healthcare and medical services industry, professionals are frequently subject to contagious and messy situations where maintaining the sterility and cleanliness of the uniform can be challenging. Not only is workwear hygiene in the healthcare and medical services industry singularly critical but it is often the deciding factor for making a lasting impression on patients as well.

Departure from the usual
Gone are the days when healthcare uniforms simply meant green or white-coloured scrubs – They have now been revamped to not only look cheerful but also have a colour code (with distinguishing colours) to tell the healthcare workers apart. For instance, medical caretakers may wear yellow scrubs, while doctors may wear dark green and assistants a light green, so patients know whom to approach, in which department, and for what.

While the colours have changed, the efficiency factor of uniforms in the healthcare industry has remained unchanged. Designed to be simple-to-wear for the emergency clinic/medical services staff, uniforms are designed such that the wearers are personally protected, have ease of movement, pockets & space for everything, keep their appearance and are tough enough to withstand washing, laundering and wear & tear.

Spotlessly Clean

 While it may sound easy enough to simply wash, dry, iron and wear clothes, uniforms for medicinal services are very difficult to keep clean when a host of secretions and fluids daily, and several health-related crises work to destroy the flawless sterility of the garment.

On the other hand, it’s critical for healthcare services professionals to keep their scrubs spotlessly clean too!

Fret not; we’re here to help you with that…

Below, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips that will enable medical experts to keep their healthcare uniforms clean throughout:

  1. Split the wash cycles 

This is the greatest and most significant step in ensuring the sterility of healthcare uniforms. Segregate and ensure that the uniforms are kept isolated from everyday wear.

Even though washing will help clean your medicinal clothes, it is vital to segregate those uniforms as they will contain microscopic organisms, blood and different sorts of grime that should never be washed along with everyday wear.

  1. Get rid of stains immediately
    If the uniform has got dirty or caught an untimely stain, the prudent thing to do is to manage it quickly. Failing to do so will result in the ‘setting in’ of the stain following which, it will be progressively hard to remove.

Additionally, treating the stain immediately will also limit its ‘stained’ appearance during the remainder of the day if an alternative arrangement of uniforms isn’t available or until it gets to a professional launderer.

Let the pros handle your uniform rental service

Being the first uniform rental service organization in the nation, SFATEC has to-date provided uniforms for every vertical in the healthcare industry starting from Dentistry to Ophthalmology, Speciality Scanning to Chain of Pharmacies and Multi-Specialty HealthCare.

As such, we know that it is imperative for doctors, nurses, assistants, and the medical maintenance staff to be dressed inappropriately sterilized workwear, and so we ensure that the predominant focus is on ‘Hygiene’ – i.e, the uniforms are sterilized at high temperatures using modern clothing cleansers that assure the ideal degree of sterilization specific for medical services.

  Additionally, uniforms by SFATEC are passed through a Cross Contamination Control process in which potential possibilities for harmful pathogens that can spread through the workwear are inhibited and controlled using state-of-the-art disinfection techniques thereby ensuring highly sterilized uniforms ready for use.

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