Millions of businesses, more or less, function with a similar intention everywhere throughout the globe. And this intention, or purpose if you may, involves two primary motives-

One, achieving greatness in the work they do and

Two, instilling confidence and getting the company employees to be more engaged on the job.

These two purposes, while straightforward in aim, are quite difficult to achieve. For companies today face not only the challenge of a highly competitive business environment but also the fact that happy customers and a productive, fully engaged employee base are hard things to pull off!

At SFATEC, we believe in the philosophy of enabling businesses to solve their employee productivity challenges by providing high-quality, efficient workplace uniforms and corporate workwear solutions that help employees accomplish the company objectives unimaginably well.

SFATEC has years of expertise in serving different industries, be it healthcare, retail, food processing, or pharma. Besides, being the first workwear rental service company in India, we have achieved the ideal parity of cost-effectiveness and insightful receptiveness to the changing needs of our customer’s preferences concerning uniforms and corporate workwear.

The gold standard in uniforms and corporate workwear

As the first mover in the workwear rental industry in India, we have worked to address a host of workwear-related challenges faced by our clients and customers. As such, SFATEC Uniform Rental Services supplies rental uniforms to small-to-large business houses all through the nation.

Even though our base clients belong to the Automotive (Manufacturing and Service), Retail, and Pharma verticals, we serve a wide scope of businesses such as Healthcare, Electronics & ESD control, Restaurants & Food, Clean Room, and R&D facilities as well!

SFATEC’s Uniform Rental Service in Bengaluru

 From self-protective workwear to fire-resistant, anti-static and bacteria safe uniforms, SFATEC Uniform Rental Services has made a successful foray in supplying uniforms to a cross-section of businesses in a highly-industrialized city such as Bengaluru. And as such, our customers in Bengaluru have appreciated the wide-variety of bullet-proof and lint-free uniforms that we have in our inventory.

Additionally, SFATEC has set-up a hassle-free uniform rental framework that requires no disruptions and no disturbances to the core day-to-day business functioning of the client.

With a super-efficient uniform rental cycle arrangement that provides ‘’on location need examination’’ and ‘’on location trials’’, we have helped businesses give undivided attention to their core, primary corporate interests.

Coupled with an error-free ‘emblem solution’ on uniforms, SFATEC has helped companies upgrade their corporate personality, fortify their brand identity and enabled the staff to look proficient and effectively recognizable 24/7.

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