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Head-to-toe personal protective equipment for the food processing industry

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Food is a basic necessity in life. Product safety and process hygiene need to be taken seriously by the food processing industry. Contamination can happen very easily and the most common source of contamination is the human body. The staff working in food processing industries are continuously exposed to bacteria, chemicals, sharp objects, etc. They need to be protected from head to toe by giving them appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE and proper training to use it. Food production uniform ensures process and product hygiene. Without proper work uniforms, the food processing company can face severe consequences involving loss of money and loss of reputation.

Food processing companies must understand how contamination occurs in the various workstations and how to choose the right protective food production uniform. Here is a guide that can help decide how to select head-to-toe protective workwear for employees in the food processing industry.


Hair is one of the biggest sources of contamination in the human body. Thus, head protection is necessary to ensure the safe handling of food products. Work caps are often used in food processing industries. There are many types available depending on the kind of work.


Appropriate protective garments are a necessity in the food processing industry. Depending on the kind of work and the sources of contamination, there are a variety of industrial uniforms that protect the wearer and ensure the safe handling of food. Here are some types of workwear that are generally used in the food processing industry.

Coats and trousers

Short coats that reach up to mid-thigh and long coats that reach above the knee, made using durable blended cotton are used in the food processing industry. Durable cotton or poly cotton tunics are also used.
Trousers that are designed specifically for men and unisex trousers designed for both genders made with blended cotton are used in such industries.

Bib trousers

Bib trousers with adjustable shoulder buckles are considered safe workwear in the food processing industry.


Coveralls are commonly used in the food processing industry as they are functional and professional.


Protective aprons are used by both genders. They usually cover up to the knee and generally come without pockets.


Hand protection is vital in any industry. In the food processing industry, employees may come in contact with various harmful objects. Companies should provide concerned staff with the right kind of gloves based on the requirement. The gloves should fit comfortably and must not be a hindrance to the wearer while working. Different types of work within the industry require different kinds of hand protection. Thus the choice of hand protection should be made based on the kind of work.


Feet protection may not sound as important as others. However, it is very essential and must not be taken lightly. Footwear chosen for staff working in the food processing industry must be comfortable, and durable and must ensure safety too.

How can Sfatec workwear rental service company help?

Sfatec has years of experience as a rental uniform service provider with immense knowledge about the constantly intensifying quality requirements in the food processing industry. This makes them the best workwear brand that provides great workwear rental solutions. All workwear provided by Sfatec is of high quality and has been tried & tested by actual users at different food processing locations of their customers. Sfatec follows the DIN 10524 Standard with respect to the development of Fabric and New products assuring that their workwear is at par with International Food Safety requirement standards.
They follow Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based Workwear service which operates on three fundamental practices – GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
Sfatec provides Third Party Audit support through advanced information technology-based workwear service management.
Here are some of the workwear provided by Sfatec for the food processing industry:

Coats and trousers

Sfatec provides Full Sleeve Short Coat and Long Coat Without Pockets made with extra durable blended cotton. It comes with concealed front snap buttons and without pockets for extra safety.
They provide Men’s trousers with a front fly zipper and shank at the waistband. They also provide unisex trousers with a full elastic waistband.


Sfatec provides Short Sleeve Tunics and Full Sleeve Tunics made with two snap buttons for neck closure and without pockets.
Sfatec also provides Sfatec Women’s Tunic which is made using extra-durable poly cotton. It comes without pockets and with two pleats in the front.

Bib trousers

Sfatec Bib Trousers are made with extra durable blended cotton and come with adjustable shoulder buckles and waist area.


Sfatec Coveralls are designed with a provision to access the inner garment. It is usually available in white. However, upon special request, it can be developed in other colors also.

-Work Aprons

Sfatec Work Aprons are designed without pockets for extra safety and are suitable for both genders.

Work caps

Sfatec Work Caps are made with extra durable blended cotton and come with expandable elastic.

Partnering with Sfatec workwear rental service company can relieve the daunting task of designing, purchasing, managing, and maintaining all employee uniforms for companies. Learn more about the various rental services offered by Sfatec and the different workwear provided by Sfatec for the food processing industry.

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