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Everything you need to know about flame-resistant work uniforms

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In recent years, since most industries strictly follow all the required quality standards and safety regulations, there has been a decline in workplace injuries. However, with the evolving technology and increasing number of personnel working in processing and manufacturing industries, safety regulations are intensifying. Safety in such industries is a prime concern and companies should invest in proper workwear to keep their employees safe. In industries where employees work close to heat, flame, flash fire, etc. flame-resistant work uniforms or FR work uniforms are a must and high-quality well-maintained flame-resistant employee uniforms should be provided to concerned employees.

Firstly we need to understand what is a flame-resistant work uniform and how it functions.

How does a flame-resistant work uniform work?

Basic protective garments when exposed to fire will ignite. They will continue to burn and may cause severe injuries to the wearer. Fire-resistant clothing or flame-resistant clothing is made using special flame-resistant fabric which does not easily burn and even if it does burn it has the capability to self-extinguish. We must not confuse flame-resistant uniforms with flame-retardant uniforms.

How is it different from Flame-retardant uniforms?

Flame-retardant uniforms are cheaper as compared to flame-resistant uniforms. They are made using basic fabrics and are treated with flame-resistant chemicals. Often, the flame-resistant treatment degrades over time reducing the life of the uniform. Thus, although flame-resistant uniforms may be more expensive, it is a better investment.

What are the drawbacks of flame-resistant uniforms?

Although FR clothing increases the safety of the wearer, it is not fireproof. Under extreme heat conditions, it can catch fire and can lead to injuries.

When choosing flame-resistant workwear, it is best to make sure that the flame-resistant employee uniforms follow required safety regulations and other important criteria as discussed below.

What to consider when choosing flame-resistant workwear?

Here are some key points that we need to consider while choosing flame-resistant work uniforms for a company-

Safety standards

Flame-resistant employee uniforms must follow the required safety standards set by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Before choosing flame-resistant workwear for employees of a company, the administration team of the company needs to check if the uniforms comply with the NFPA safety standards.

Fit and comfort

Poorly fitting flame-resistant employee uniforms can cause severe harm to the wearer. The fire-resistant clothing should fit comfortably and should have good coverage. Loose-fitting protective garments can cause injuries. Tight-fitting uniforms will not allow the wearer to move freely. Also, all employees who are required to wear flame-resistant work uniforms for their job need to be given adequate training and must wear their uniforms properly.

Based on requirements

Flame-resistant work uniforms are necessary for industries involving flash fire, heat, and flame. The type of flame-resistant employee uniforms varies as per the industry requirement. Thus, before choosing, we need to figure out the exact requirement of the industry.

Based on the brand

In the past, flame-resistant employee uniforms were not very attractive. However, nowadays FR work uniforms are styled better. They can represent the brand and make the employees look their best.

Maintenance of flame-resistant workwear

Flame-resistant uniforms get dirty and greased and it is essential to keep them clean. However, flame-resistant work uniforms need special care and maintenance as the quality of the uniform should not degrade during the process. Certain practices such as using harsh substances during laundry can harm the FR fabric and reduce the flame-resistant quality. The effectiveness of the flame-resistant fabric decreases and this can cause harm to the wearer. With the right care, we can ensure that flame-resistant work uniforms provide quality protection.
For proper care and maintenance of flame-resistant uniforms, companies should opt for a professional rental uniform service provider who has adequate experience and in-depth knowledge about these uniforms instead of an FR clothing manufacturer.

How can Sfatec workwear rental service company help?

Sfatec offers a wide range of fire-resistant clothing for flash fire protection, heat and flame protection, etc. All the flame-resistant employee uniforms provided by Sfatec follow NFPA safety standards. They are designed specifically to provide appropriate coverage for the wearer to ensure safety. Sfatec has years of experience in this field due to which they have good knowledge about the maintenance of flame-resistant workwear. Under the uniform rental program offered by Sfatec, all the fire-resistant clothing is maintained with extra care and advanced hygienic laundry service which ensures that the quality and efficiency of the fabric are not lost. Also, Sfatec provides on-site wearer trials which ensure that every uniform fits the respective employee comfortably. They also make sure that all employees receive clean protective garments daily after a thorough quality inspection. Any repair work is checked and done without fail. They also provide replacement of flame-resistant uniforms whenever necessary.
Check out the various flame-resistant uniforms provided by Sfatec and their specifications.

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