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Should Pharma Companies Provide Lab Coats & Sterile Overcoats to employees?

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Pharmaceutical companies adopt safety uniforms in India for their staff because of its many upsides and much like every other industry when pharma employees wear quality Safety uniforms in India; it greatly influences the level of security they feel at the workplace. Besides, it prevents them from purchasing workwear from their own money, which is considered a great advantage.

 It is a known fact that the uniform policies at any given pharma company can directly imply satisfied or dissatisfied employees at the workplace. This is attributed to the fact that when workers feel happy about the Safety uniforms in India they’ve got, they are likely to be more efficient and contribute to making the workplace a positive one.

Who wears lab coats and sterile overcoats in a pharma company? Safety uniforms in India

Usually, pharma employees of all levels are expected to wear some type of staff uniform, as are workers in the company’s different departments. Moreover, depending on the uniform policy of different pharma processing companies, it is usually found that while one level of employees are given safety uniforms in India of one colour (usually the first-line staff), others are given safety uniforms in India of other colours (usually the second-line staff). This is done to colour code the workforce and create ease in identification of who is doing what.

While coloured safety uniforms in India help to distinguish various positions within the company, it is important to note that some pharmaceutical companies prefer to implement coloured safety uniforms in India as per the individual department.

Are all pharma employees required to wear Industrial Workwear Uniforms? Safety uniforms in India

As is known, company-owned safety uniforms in India that are used exclusively inside the facility are a popular form of uniform worn by pharma employees across the world.

So perhaps the more pertinent question to ask is – Why are Safety uniforms in India delivered by uniform rental specialists such as SFATEC the preferred choice of most pharma companies at present?

Workwear rental service specialists such as SFATEC specialise at maintaining the flawless sterility and proper decontamination treatment so that hygiene is maintained in a sacrosanct manner.

And immaculately disinfected safety uniforms in India can mean the difference between a safe, secure workforce and a disaster waiting to happen!

At SFATEC, we maintain a protocol for safety uniforms in India where they are sterilized at high temperatures using advanced fabric chemicals. Furthermore, we aim to achieve the highest degree of sterilization and sanitization that we know is a must for pharma processing facilities.

This is why safety uniforms in India delivered by SFATEC are additionally passed through a Cross-Contamination Prevention cycle where dangerous contaminants that can spread through the workwear are blocked and managed using state-of-the-art pre-treatment techniques

Should Pharmaceutical Companies Provide Staff Uniforms? Safety uniforms in India

It is a known fact that proper safety uniforms in India make for a healthier working environment for workers employed in pharma companies. Additionally, they are a key element of safety compliance too.

What’s more, staff uniforms greatly impact quality and hygiene levels at all levels in the company and add a dose of efficiency in a hectic workday. 

 For pharmaceutical processing businesses, it is far more practical to achieve greater levels of hygiene when uniform rental services such as SFATEC supply and maintain safety uniforms in India regularly. 

 Besides, providing pharma staff with safety uniforms in India means the staff is not required to purchase and maintain their staff uniforms – Which is considered to be an additional advantage. It eliminates their need for purchasing safety uniforms in India and cleaning them on a day-to-day basis.

The answer to all your staff uniform needs

As a pharma company, it’s important that the uniform rental service fulfils your employees’ need for immaculately disinfected safety uniforms in India regularly. To be able to do this, they need to have a spotless reputation and more importantly, prior experience in having delivered safety uniforms in India to different pharmaceutical industries.

And SFATEC specialises in just this.

Our industry workwear is popular among various pharma companies across India and our stringency in adherence to compliance ensures that you never have to worry about conformity again. Our pharma uniforms adhere to the DIN 10524 Standard that is aligned with the International Drug Safety principles.Looking for a reliable workwear rental service, speak to our uniform rental specialists today!

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