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Breaking Down The Cost of Uniform Rental Services

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If you‘ve been looking at the various pricing structures of different uniform rental services, you’ve probably been wondering how much it costs to rent uniforms for your employees? 

However, uniform rental pricing structures can be puzzling and brimming with hidden caveats.

While most uniform rental programs carry an annual to multi-year responsibility, ensure that you’ve checked out the fine print, spoken to the actual customers, and put across the correct questions before officially agreeing to sign the contract.

In our handbook below, we’ve separated the nitty-gritty of what goes into uniform rental programs so you can figure out the expenses of your agreement. 

How much does it cost to rent uniforms? Uniform Rental Services

While this isn’t a blanket average for all uniform rental programs, one must remember that prices can vary depending on a case-to-case basis. Typically most uniform rental plans can range between three hundred Indian rupees per employee and go up to two thousand Indian rupees per employee based on the quality of uniforms and the resources required.

Additionally, some uniform rental services require a minimum order quantity and may necessitate their client organizations to have at least 20 to 30 workers in their workforce.

Do remember that while providing a cost estimate for your industrial workwear uniform requirement, uniform rental services might operate on the below-mentioned three mechanisms: 

1. Cost per uniform + supplementary expenses 

This is one of the most commonly used methods of pre-quotation for most uniform rental services and it is one of the most widely recognized quotation (or billing) systems in the uniform rental industry. 

Within this, the quotation will include a minimal cost for every article of clothing, in addition to a slew of supplementary expenses like damage and mending expenses, delivery, setting up charges, and brand logo application expenses. 

Now, if you add these supplementary expenses, you’ll find that they can account for over 25% of the final figure.

2. The items of clothing 

It’s common knowledge that standard work shirts and trousers WILL be more affordable than Fire Resistant or Protective industrial workwear uniforms.

While making enquiries with different uniform rental services, ensure that the one you have zeroed down on should have had prior experience in delivering industrial workwear uniforms to similar or same businesses like yours.

Typically, your chosen uniform rental service should be able to assist you with selecting the right kind of industrial workwear uniform that comply with industry guidelines or safety norms that you may have. 

3. The actual count

 Contingent upon the number of employees that your firm has, say 30, 200, or 2000, uniform rental services will work on preparing a quotation that factors in the daily need of fresh industrial workwear uniforms, the frequency of delivery and the resources that might be required for servicing the order.

Typically, most uniform rental services supplying industrial workwear uniforms work on a format wherein employees are delivered with a crisp, freshly laundered set of industrial workwear uniforms daily, however this ‘’frequency’’ pretty much relies upon the nature of your business.

For instance, staff employed in automobile companies may require a clean set of coveralls or industrial workwear uniforms on a day-to-day basis, while those working in the electronics industry may just need one set of industrial workwear uniforms every two days or so.

 One size does not fit all

Different uniform rental services may offer different sorts of pricing structures. As a business owner, it will be prudent to know and understand precisely what is incorporated in the pricing structure and the extra costs that may be incurred over the long run.

For example, will fixing or supplanting the different articles of uniform cost over & above the regular rental or will the rate per industrial workwear uniform stay the same over the term of the contract? 

These are questions that will help you to understand the fine print and the uniform rental service pricing structure better.


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Our pricing structures are simple, straightforward and spring no unpleasant surprises later on and we’re trusted by business houses of all sizes. So in case you’ve been searching for a transparent and trustworthy uniform rental service, drop-in a line with our uniform specialists, they’ll be glad to help!

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