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Trends in Waiter and Waitress Uniforms can Vary Quite Considerably

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When shifts in food preferences change, so do the fads on how the wait staff’s uniforms will be. Will they be businesslike or casual this year? Will the wait staff look more on point if they wear nature-inspired tones, or should the restaurant staff uniform be glamorous? 

In our article beneath, we update you with the latest insights in restaurant staff uniforms. Stay tuned…

Intensely reflective of the restaurant’s brand identity – Why the ‘look’ of Restaurant Staff Uniform’s matters

 Contemporary restaurants need their crew to look sleek & professional and irrespective of whether it’s a sandwich shop, an easygoing diner or a fine-dine eatery, ensuring the crew looks well turned out will help differentiate your restaurant from the rest. 

Additionally, the right kind of restaurant staff uniforms can go a long way in ensuring employee efficiency, workplace cohesiveness and convey professionalism & courteousness.

Most restaurants’ today prefer to implement standardized restaurant staff uniforms for their staff as it helps reflect the restaurant’s brand identity, mission, and ideology. 

Uniform rental specialists such as SFATEC have been known to sit with restaurant business owners and chalk out a perfectly aligned restaurant staff uniform strategy that meets the brand standards of the restaurant. This is done to ensure the restaurant staff uniforms identically mirror the ideology of the café. 

Very often restaurant business owners that have chosen to reinvent their brand logos or revamp their corporate identity find that along with the redesigning of their logos and stationery, taglines, colours and fonts, the uniforms for staff need to be aligned as well. The old restaurant staff uniforms have become redundant as they don’t reflect the newly designed visual branding efforts of the restaurant.

Now, regardless of whether your new logo and brand identity are dazzling bright or in earthy, muted tones, it’s important to make sure that your brand identity is reflected and cohesively blended with a new set of restaurant staff uniforms.

 Not just the wait staff, restaurant staff uniforms for the Kitchen, Front-Office & Back-Office staff  

Chef’s Uniform:

As a restaurant business owner, you’re most likely to give the chef’s coat the most attention, because in this business, well, the chef’s appearance, as well as his/her expertise directly (and indirectly), impacts clients’ confidence in your restaurant’s food quality

Naturally so, you will prefer the chef’s uniform to express confidence, competence, agility, and friendliness. 

  Trends in chef’s uniform just in-

 While chefs’ uniforms are as one would expect, comfortable and lightweight, the trends of the season are in favour of structurally square-shaped and breathable uniforms. Modern, custom-tailored styles that account for breathability in its styling (side panels or side seam slits) are the most popular right now.

Server uniform:

 Regardless of whether you run a café, a gambling club, inn or a fine-dine restaurant, chances are you may have a beverage counter as well. This means your barkeeps or beverage servers interact with the customers too, and so must look professional. Their uniforms should be designed for efficiency and mirror your restaurant’s brand image. 

 Trends in wait staff uniforms just in-

 While stylish semi-casual to formal polo shirts and slacks (or skirts for the female staff) are popular for most restaurants nowadays, the trends in restaurant staff uniforms for the wait staff and barkeeps are leaning towards multi-use aprons that fluidly blend with the uniform. 

 For a considerable length of time, aprons have been relegated to serve as uniform covers available in simple blacks, blues or whites. However, they’re now available in a wide assortment of shades, shapes and prints – And they’ve found favour with a great number of contemporary restaurants.

 At SFATEC, we’ve discovered that eateries implementing restaurant staff uniforms that’re combined with stylistic, functional aprons have been hugely successful in making their staff look distinct, stylish and professional.

Now, other than the kitchen and front-office staff, there is another section of employees that don’t interact directly with clients, and they are your back-end kitchen staff members. As integral team members of your restaurant, providing them with restaurant staff uniforms alongside every other employee will mean you regard their wellbeing and safety just as much as everyone else’s.

Restaurant staff uniforms by SFATEC

At SFATEC, we have a range of restaurant staff uniforms starting from server to front & back-office staff uniforms and we have delivered personalized uniforms for various kinds of restaurant types such as fast food, fine dine and more. 

Our uniform rental specialists are adept at understanding what restaurant staff uniforms will best suit your restaurant type and conceptualizing a rental plan that meets your requirements.

Rest assured, by ensuring a ready stock of impeccably washed, pressed and professionally maintained restaurant staff uniforms, we at SFATEC guarantee that your crew looks sharp and impressively dressed for the job everyday!

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