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Top 3 Reasons to Try Uniform Rental

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When you decide to rent safety uniforms in India from a professional workwear rental service, you are guaranteeing yourself of a well-organized staff and an affable, well-coordinated customer service delivery. Compare this with purchased uniforms and it seems like a much smarter choice to buy them outright. At least this way you do not only have to pay rent over and over again to a uniform leasing company. 

 Yet, that’s not the complete picture…

For you see, when you decide to rent safety uniforms in India from a professional workwear rental service, you are associating with a uniform rental service that is deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of the business. They are bound (literally contractually bound) to give you an individualized response that might be lacking with a vendor whose business is simply that of uniform retailing.

 Below, we’ll present you with three tell-all reasons on how a uniform rental service helps stretch the dollar for your company and brings in huge savings for your business —

 1. Want a replacement of staff uniforms – No problem. Require repair work of staff uniforms – No problem

Leasing staff uniforms from workwear rental companies such as SFATEC can prove to be a very cost-efficient decision in the short-to-long term for your business. 


 Well, for starters, think about employee exits and new joiners – Isn’t it a constant part of your business? 

 Now, with purchased staff uniforms, each time an employee resigns, not only do you have to deal with the existing (and used) set of uniforms, but you must also buy a new set of staff uniforms for the recently hired workers as there will be obvious size differences.

With workwear rental companies such as SFATEC, these kinds of issues don’t require even a moment’s thought.

At SFATEC, we restock your staff uniforms with the most professionally washed, thoroughly checked and expertly maintained staff uniforms, which means no shabbily dressed employees, no missing buttons and no flabby out-of-shape safety uniforms in India. 

 What’s more, with our responsive replacement policy, you’re always assured of staff uniforms that are decidedly of the correct size for your employees.

 2. Hot out of the industrial launderer, delivered straight to you – safety uniforms in India

It’s a well-known fact that dirty staff uniforms, unkempt safety uniforms in India and unwashed industrial workwear uniforms can be potential bearers of risky contaminants and cost your business its reputation. Not to mention spread an unsavoury word of mouth. 

 With a workwear rental company, you can evade this kind of vulnerability in totality.

 The main responsibility of keeping staff uniforms exclusively clean and bacteria-free rests with the workwear rental company and as such, it is their job to ensure that no such accidents happen.

At SFATEC, we serve various industries such as the automobile, food-processing, pharma, electronics, engineering and many other manufacturing businesses and to that end, our protocols ensure that all safety uniforms in India or industrial workwear uniforms be cleaned in high temperatures using the best industrial-strength disinfectants.  

 Every staff uniform that comes out of our launderer is assuredly germ-free, spotlessly clean, immaculately ironed, thoroughly inspected and at all times, delivered right as per schedule.

 3. Cost Per Worker – Industrial Workwear Uniforms

When you approach the right workwear rental service such as SFATEC, your safety uniforms in India or industrial workwear uniforms won’t turn out to be an expensive deal. 

It is no secret that businesses have always preferred to outsource their staff uniforms to uniform rental services as they do HELP organizations achieve maximum productivity with minimum expense. 

 While the direct front expense of purchasing safety uniforms in India is generally less, a professional uniform rental service can typically stretch the dollar for your company when you factor in the repair, replacement and laundry calculations. 

Uniform Rental Service by SFATEC 

If you’ve been thinking about renting safety uniforms in India or industrial workwear uniforms for your staff, look no further. SFATEC is renowned as the first uniform rental service in India and has earned a spotless reputation over the years. 

 To date, we have served various businesses with custom staff uniforms that have perfectly suited their organizations needs. 

Be it industrial workwear uniforms for the automobile, food-processing, pharma, electronics, engineering or manufacturing business, rest assured SFATEC can supply the safety uniforms in India you require, at the price plans you need.

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