Static charges are something that we experience in our everyday life. When our clothes rub onto a surface, friction causes static charges. These charges remain in one area and do not flow to another place. Generally, we do not need to worry about it. However, when it accumulates, it can be extremely dangerous. Static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be a problem in the pharmaceutical processing industry, research and development facilities, and industries that manufacture electronic components. ESD can create a lot of damage to the products and can be a threat to employees working in the company. This can further lead to several million-dollar losses to the company along with a loss of brand reputation. The best way to protect employees and ensure process safety is to use ESD protective garments.

How can ESD protective work uniforms solve the problem?

Static charges can severely damage electronic components like microchips, integrated circuits, etc. In cleanrooms, static charges cause products to stick to one another, thus causing contamination. In such a scenario, ESD protective workwear is a necessity. ESD protective clothing such as ESD coats, ESD coveralls, etc. will prevent static charges from passing from the employee and their clothing to their surroundings. In industries where ESD can be a potential problem, ESD protective uniforms should be provided by the company from good safety clothing manufacturers for their employees. It is a must for every employee in such industries to wear protective gear to ensure human safety and product safety.

Requirements when selecting ESD protective garments

Electrostatic discharge protected areas or EPA are established by the electronic manufacturing industries. ESD protective work uniforms are designed specifically to prevent electrostatic discharge from the wearer and their clothing into their surrounding environment within an EPA. Some industries may choose to purchase industrial worker uniforms from uniform suppliers, and some companies may choose rental uniforms for their employees. In both cases, ESD protective garments need to follow the below criteria.

– Standards

Normally, ESD protective clothing is made to meet certain cleanroom standards. The level of contamination in every cleanroom differs. It is important to ensure that the ESD protective garment meets the cleanroom standard and surface resistivity.

– Fabric

Usually, ESD protective work uniform is made using polyester carbon anti-static fabric. Anti-static fiber stops the accumulation of charges, thus preventing ESD. Anti-static coats, anti-static trousers, and anti-static coveralls are widely used to control ESD in pharmaceutical processing industries, research and development facilities, electronic industries, and other industries that include cleanrooms.

– Certification

Nowadays, many industrial uniform suppliers supply ESD protective garments without proper quality certification. To maintain a good quality of products and to ensure human safety, it is highly recommended to select a uniform supplier who provides proper quality certification. This will lessen the risks caused by ESD, protect employees, and enhance process quality.

When purchasing or renting ESD protective uniforms, the company needs to make sure that the above criteria are met by the safety wear suppliers.

Sfatec workwear rental company provides high-quality ESD protective workwear such as Anti-static Long Coat, Anti-static Short coat, Anti-static Trousers, and Anti-static Coveralls with hood and booties made using polyester carbon anti-static fabric meeting Cleanroom standard class 100-1000, Surface Resistivity 2.2 X 106 with proper quality certification.

Maintenance of ESD protective uniforms

Regular evaluation of the ESD protective garment and maintenance of the work uniform is extremely important to ensure the effectiveness of the workwear. Purchasing employee uniforms and personal protective equipment for employees from wholesale workwear suppliers may seem like a one-time affair. However, without proper maintenance, work uniforms can slowly become less effective causing harm to employees, process contamination, and can eventually lead to loss of brand image and reputation. The lack of proper maintenance of ESD protective workwear can lead to deterioration in ESD levels. It will become hazardous to the wearer and will affect process and product safety. Good rental uniform suppliers who can manage and maintain the work uniforms can solve this problem.

Sfatec workwear rental company offers a full-service ESD workwear rental solution where all the ESD protective work uniforms are made with the appropriate fabric sourced from the best workwear fabric suppliers and guarantees a sophisticated cleaning technology to maintain and manage all rented work uniforms. Sfatec also offers an optional 100% product monitoring for surface resistivity with a special monitoring system for industries where risks caused due to ESD are much higher. 

Every company must ensure that its employees do not face any hazards in the workplace. They also need to make sure that their product is safe for their customers. Rental workwear service providers can enhance workplace hygiene, build brand image, and can also be a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the company.

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