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Top 3 Industries That Use Uniform Rental Services

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Some specific jobs call on employees to wear uniforms, with the demands of the job being such that productivity and efficiency are best achieved when the staff are dressed in uniforms while on the job.

In certain industries such as the military and defence forces, hospitality, and security agencies, uniforms make it simple for the average person to distinguish a company employee or a public servant from others. In other businesses, uniforms are used to help build a strong brand image and create a professional, unified-looking workforce.

Some industries mandate uniforms for safety and protection against potential hazards. In this case, professional uniform services take into consideration every element, from comfort to efficiency, safety to stain-management while undertaking the manufacture of such uniforms.

Given this, which industries absolutely NEED uniforms? Let’s take a look, shall we?


Aside from stand-alone automotive garages and workshops, the automobile industry is one sector where a uniform rental service can prove to be most beneficial for employees.

With mechanics on the floor or at the assembly line, staff will usually come in direct contact with paint, grease, and oil regularly. In this scenario, uniforms are most likely to get stained on an everyday basis and worse, get stained with paint, grease, and oil – all of which are extremely hard to remove.

With an expert uniform rental service, one needs not to worry about stain-management as professional uniform services have a secret recipe for expelling various kinds’ of stains – something that a normal washing machine or regular laundering service would not be able to manage.


While the most significant focus for restaurant and hospitality uniforms is on proficiency, cleanliness, and comfort, uniforms for this industry are expected to also provide fire-resistance and breathability as high-temperature types of equipment, spills and food stains are commonplace.

Expectedly, as the chef and other kitchen staff will be working in a high-pressure atmosphere, uniforms for the restaurant and hospitality industry deliver the highest level of safety and protection from live fire burns, oil splatters, spills, hot fluids and different mishaps that could occur while working in the kitchen. At SFATEC, we specialize in providing restaurant and hospitality uniforms structured with numerous pockets, so the kitchen staff can keep a variety of odds and ends within simple reach.

 For the staff that are customer-facing, a fashionable and smart yet adjustable uniform that is lightweight and hard-wearing becomes a must.

With a pro uniform rental service such as ours, a never-ending inventory of fire-resistant, custom-made uniforms, specific for the restaurant and hospitality industry is a given.


Working in the building construction and development industry poses numerous physical dangers for the staff and their uniforms ought to be tough to survive testing surroundings. Generally, the building construction and development industry mandates uniforms in the form of shirts made with double cotton teamed with a regular pair of durable pants but other than this, overalls are also a common type of uniform for this industry.

 At SFATEC we have made-to-order uniforms for this industry and our wide scope of experience in uniform rental services has guided us on a few thumb rules that apply to every industry – Focusing on Comfort, Safety, and Durability of uniforms is of utmost importance. Everything else comes after.


SFATEC is one of the most renowned uniform rental services in India and as such, we have delivered a variety of uniforms based on custom industry prerequisites and safety mandates.

With us, you get to pick textures, styles, and shades that fit into your organization’s prerequisites- We have an enviable catalogue inventory for you to choose from.

Additionally, based on your company’s logo and branding determinants, SFATEC assures the highest quality of fabrics, styles, and print’s on your uniforms, made-to-order exactly as per your specifications.

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